Music means different things to every one of us; we love to hear music that touches the soul, baring out our wants, longings, emotions, desires. We want that music that keeps it real for us, a 100%. That’s why K.P/S.O.R wants to bare it all to you, sharing his musical journey and hoping to be an inspiration to his fans out there.
Q: How did you first get into music? What were your early experiences with music like?
K.P/S.O.R It all started during 4th grade at Philip Academy. I started listening to the piano in the morning. It continued that way till ‘93, when I took music lessons at the Newark Performing School of the Arts till ’95. I started writing lyrics every now and then. High school came, and I started writing to instrumentals. My buddy, Jason Flipstar Mayhue, taught me freestyle basics back then. When a wave of inspiration to create melodies hit me, I went to Essex County College to learn music education, where I was taught by Professor Edwards, and Doctor Alston.
Q: How were you able to break into the music industry and get to where you are right now?
(K.P/S.O.R): Some time back, I was working with Jason Logan who started a production company called Hazardous Music. He was putting a project together for my cousin, Scott Matthis AKA The Emcee Blackmale, at the time. He requested me to assist in the production of his project titled SAMPLE. The track “Say What the Hell I Want” got promoted through Digiwaxx record label and got played across the world. That’s how I started off, as a music producer. Slowly but surely, I was filled with the desire to record lyrics, and write songs.
Q: As an artist, what are the biggest challenges you have faced so far?
(K.P/S.O.R): Well, management was always a challenge for me. For years, I didn’t have a clue of what to do to promote my music career. I tried to improve by researching and reading books on entertainment management. Through the hard way, I learnt that you can have all the talent in the world but if you don’t have a good foundation you are setting yourself up for a downfall.
Q: Can you give a brief overview of your general life story?
(K.P/S.O.R): Though, I was born in Jersey City NJ, I grew up in Newark NJ. Looking back now, I had a wealth of positive influences in a troubled environment. Poetry was something I started back in elementary school, but I didn’t combine it with music until high school. I created my first project as a bet, which was the start of my infatuation with recording. With time, I saved what little money I had and acquired a computer and pro tools.
Q: You have been working on “A MAN’S THOUGHTS” for a while now. What is the big story behind it’s conception?
(K.P/S.O.R): Thanks so much. “A MAN’S THOUGHTS” has been my baby for a while now. I decided to create an album with tracks that had samples in them. Since 2013, it has remained my baby project, but I have decided to release it. I’m running with this project because the future always holds new promises.
Q: what remains your biggest influences as an artist?
(K.P/S.O.R): Family. Family is the biggest influence of all. They have taught me to strive for my goals. They are my friends, critics, and fans. I love them to death. They don’t hold no punches – they tell me like it is, keeping it a real 100.
Q: As an artist, what do you think sets you apart from other similar acts?
(K.P/S.O.R): I keep it real. I don’t sugar coat anything. That’s what people want to hear, the real-truth that touches their soul. Whenever I put on a show, from the Opening to the closing, through it all, you will remember my name as the artist who sticks to the truth.

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