Float Music, LLC is a  Nj/Delaware/Virginia-based independent record label founded by Karl L. McQulla Pyles. It is an Independent company which operates a music production and artists release on social media platform called “Float Music LLC.” and is the  distributor (via third party) of indie artists music productions and full mixtape, original albums and single releases.

We take music submissions via our website only. If we are interested in a partnership on a project after your formal request, we will respond within 7 business days upon receiving your written request(s).

Currently, on our artist roster is K.P/S.O.R, (BMI) he’s a solo artist with multiple mixtapes, album and singles releases  available for purchase on our website.
Float Music LLC, works with all genres of music and artists, please feel free to contact and submit music and projects.
P.S., Contracts is available for all collaborations.



Karl Larry McQuilla-Pyles (K.P/S.O.R) Was Born In Jersey City New Jersey On December 10th 1983. Raised In Newark, New Jersey Where He Developed His Style Of Music. In The 4th Grade He Attended Music Lessons At St. Phillips Academy, And Also A Performing Arts School In Newark NJ. During 2001 To 2004 He Obtained An Associates In Music Education. In 2007 He And Scott Matthis Started A Record Label Called MPM Music LLC. Karl Helped Produce Half Of Mr. Matthis Album Entitled Scott Andrew Matthis Performs Live Entertainment (SAMPLE). Two Singles From The (SAMPLE) Album Entitled (Say What The Hell I Want, And Escapes ME). Say What The Hell I Want Was Played Across The World. Mr. McQuilla-Pyles Has Put Together 5 Projects. OFP The Mixtape, Schizophrenic The Mixtape, And IM1 The Interlude Which Can Be Found On Link. Can’t Get Enough, And Float Music Which Can Be Found On ITUNES, Zune, And Link. Two Singles Released Through Link , Superstar, Life Of The Party And Be Mine .

He learned to read music and play with a group, and his love for music grew even more. Josh decided to learn guitar, and in his senior year of High School began teaching the instrument to beginners. Josh continued on to study music theory and ear training at Tarrant County College, where he honed his skills of reading and writing music. Josh performed with college singers as a tenor and played bass guitar. Since then, Josh has been playing, writing and performing music in pursuit of becoming a full-time musician.

Josh continues to pursue bettering himself every day. He is always learning new things such as Photoshop, Mixing, Mastering, Recording techniques, photography, and many other professions in order to further the group’s efforts.